Artisanal Chocolate Bar

Artisanal Chocolate Bar

$15.00 + gst


• Handcrafted & Handpackaged Artisan Premium  Chocolate Bar 

• Made in Calgary, Alberta (locally sourced ingredients)

• Size 16cm x 7.8cm

• Weight 100g


Dark Chocolate Options:

Salted Caramel with Peanut & Pretzel - salted caramel with peanut, pretzel & semi-sweet dark chocolate.

Ginger Orange Turmeric - dried natural oranges, dried ginger and turmeric (an ayurvedic combination), & semi-sweet dark chocolate

Rose and Fennel Seeds - dried natural rose petals, fennel seed & semi-sweet dark choclate. 

The Fruit King - dried natural oranges, kiwi’s, cranberries and shredded coconut hit combination with semi-dark chocolate

The Spring - Freeze-Dried Natural Edible Pansy Flowers, Dried Natural Edible Rose Petals, and Natural Turmeric with a hint of Natural Fresh Cardamom Powder combination with semi-sweet dark chocolate


Milk Chocolate Options:

Two Hearts One Soul - Strawberry flavored hearts inside and outside, dried strawberries with luxurious & milk chocolate

I Love You - Dried natural strawberries, sugar pearls with a hint of natural cardamom Powder & milk chocolate

S'more- Baked marshmallows and graham cracker inside and out with milk chocolate

Marshmallow Madness -Colorful Marshmallows, Cake Sprinkles, Sugar Pearls and Sixlets with milk chocolate


White Chocolate Options:

Indian Kulfi -Award-Winning Indian Kulfi originating in the Indian subcontinent in the 16th century. It is often described as "traditional Indian ice cream" a winning combination of luxurious white chocolate, Organic Dried Edible Rose Petals, Natural Green Cardamom Powder, Natural California Pistachio, Crushed Cashewnuts, and Crushed Almonds

Organic Hibiscus Rose Petal & Dried Strawberry - Edible Organic Hibiscus and Rose Petals with Dried Strawberry & white chocolate

Cereal Bowl with Fruits - Dried Natural Strawberries, Dried Natural Blueberries, Colorful Fruit-Flavored Froot Loops (inside and outside) & white chocolate






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